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We are dog friendly

Why not get to know our mountains with your furry friend?


If you have one or more dogs, you can bring them! so you can share the holidays together. Our requirements are the following: 

- As they are located in high mountains, dogs must wear a flea collar and/or pipettes to avoid flea/tick infections.

- They must have an up-to-date vaccination record.

- Potentially dangerous dogs, by law, must wear a muzzle and be under the supervision of their owners at all times.

- Dogs must be on a leash throughout the campsite.

- Owners must pick up their pet's feces.

- Dogs cannot be left alone.

- The owners have to bring the corresponding bed for their pets and under no circumstances can they use 

  the beds or blankets in the bungalow for the dog to sleep on.

- Small/medium dogs can stay inside the bungalows. The cost is from 3,80 €/night.

- If you bring your own caravan or tent, the stay for dogs is free. 


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